Campaign – Elections volunteer support

Impact on the community and recent examples or accomplishments:

Democrats are motivated to win the White House and a Senate Majority. We’ll have critical races here in Oregon too. Every volunteer call, postcard, text gets us closer. You can help volunteers be more effective and have way more fun doing it!

What skills this committee or volunteer position is looking for:

Friendly, good explainer, some experience canvassing, phoning, postcards or texting, reasonably comfortable with virtual tools like Zoom and google. Could be a few hours a week or more if you like. You can focus on specific effort or some of each: Senate races, Biden battleground states, Vote by Mail applications.

What other roles and/or positions are in the committee:

This campaign season, our election office will be virtual. We need help to run this “Election Hub” Welcoming, orienting and tracking volunteers; Hosting phone banks and postcard parties – training and supporting volunteers; updating campaign contacts, scripts and event dates.