Justice Study Group

Impact on the community and recent examples or accomplishments:

The study group focuses on multiple criminal justice issues, re policing, prosecution, sentencing, incarceration, alternatives to incarceration, and other relevant community issues; we focus on injustices and inequities in all these areas and reforming the system as a whole due to the over representation of people of color and those with limited means. After drafting the criminal justice section of the Platform, we lobby legislators on our issues. Recently we submitted a Resolution to MultDems Central Committee about release of prisoners to provide safety in Oregon prisons during the pandemic. We share information within our study group about criminal justice topics and actions to take, e.g., supporting the recent election of a progressive DA in Multnomah County and signing a ballot initiative about drug treatment & decriminalization.

What skills this committee or volunteer position is looking for:

No special skills are necessary for participation, just a strong interest in criminal justice issues and reform. It is helpful that we have some members who have criminal justice jobs, some who themselves or family had experience with the criminal justice system, and some with prior experience working on criminal justice reform.

What other roles and/or positions are in the committee:

There are no official roles or positions. Everyone can suggest actions for the group to take, and then we decide by consensus. One person volunteers to convene study group meetings and represents the group at the Platform, Resolution, and Legislation Committee (PRLC) monthly meetings, which are open to all.