PCPs of each House District elect their District Leader and Assistant District Leader

2020 District Re-org meetings are coming up

June 23, 2020

In the coming weeks, the newly elected PCPs of Multnomah County will gather (via video conference) to elect new district leaders and assistant district leaders.

Thank you all who are coming forward to make a difference in our communities. District Leadership is a wonderful way to increase that impact, working with your PCPs to connect with your legislators and the Democrats in your district.

Learn more from District Leader Superstars Lisa Morrison and Marcia Schneider.

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Questions about elections overall? Contact Vice Chair 2 Michael Smith.

Upcoming District Reorgs

If there is no date below, the current district leadership has not yet scheduled the event.

Expect meetings to last about 2 hours.

HD 27 & 36 Combined

Contact 36leader@multdems.org

July 25 10am (Completed)

HD 31 & 33 Combined

July 18 at 12pm (Completed)

Contact 33leader@multdems.org

HD 35 & 38 Combined

July 12 at 2pm (Completed)

Contact John Murphy

HD 41

July 14 at 7pm (Completed)

Contact 41leader@multdems.org

HD 42

July 19 at 1pm (Completed)

Contact 42leader@multdems.org

HD 43

July 26 at 12pm

Contact 43leader@multdems.org

HD 44

June 28 at 3pm (Completed)

Contact 44leader@multdems.org

HD 45

July 18 at 2pm (Completed)

Contact 45leader@multdems.org

HD 46

July 11 at 10am (Completed)

Contact 46leader@multdems.org

HD 47

July 16 at 6pm (Completed)

Contact 47leader@multdems.org

HD 48 & 51 combined

July 11 at 1pm (Completed)

Contact 51leader@multdems.org

HD 49

July 15 at 6:30pm (Completed)

Contact 49leader@multdems.org

HD 50

July 7 at 4pm (Completed)

Contact 50leader@multdems.org

HD 52

June 25 at 7pm (Completed)

Contact 52leader@multdems.org