New PCP Open House June and July 2020. Get acquainted. Meet fellow PCPs. Anwer questions. Direct your passion.

New PCP Video Open Houses

Update: New open house added Sunday July 19 at 11am!


Congratulations to all the new precinct committee persons (PCPs) elected in our county!

I am sure that we all agree that this is a helluva important year. Together we are going to deal with racial injustice, elevate progressive causes, and elect a new President!

You have signed up for an exciting ride.

Please join us for one of our PCP Open House online Zoom meetings. In about 90 minutes, we will:

  • Get acquainted
  • Meet some of your fellow PCPs
  • Answer your questions
  • Find where in the party we can direct your passion

Events are happening regularly.

Find a day that works for you.

Click the link below to register

Saturday June 27 10am < Completed!

Tuesday June 30 5:30pm < Completed!

Sunday July 12 at 11am < Completed!

Tuesday July 14 at 6pm < Registration full!

Sunday July 19 at 11am

Tuesday July 21 at 5:30

Saturday July 25 11am