Volunteer request: Fundraising team header

Join the Fundraising Committee! Yes, you.

If elections are the beating heart of the Democratic Party and legislation is the brain, then fundraising is the stomach. Don’t question this. It’s science.

The Fundraising Committee is looking for volunteers! It is extremely likely that this means you.

The Multnomah County Democratic Party is a purely volunteer-driven organization, all the way up to the party chair, so 100% of all donations go directly into the resources that (literally) keep the power on. From physical spaces like the headquarters and Hollywood Senior Center, to the materials we hand out at events, to the software we use to get out the vote during every election, none of it would be possible without the work of the fundraising team.

They do this work in a bunch of different ways, which means there’s a bunch of different ways to help:

  • Plan and coordinate events like our annual comedy night.
  • Develop and deploy awesome messaging to not just seek donations but also get people energized for upcoming elections and activities.
  • Build relationships with the community and get them invested in the future of the party and Multnomah County.
  • Use the cutting edge power of E-mail and the World Wide Web to run digital campaigns and drive on-line donations.

No matter your skill set, there’s always something that only you can do, and the Fundraising Committee is looking forward to hearing from you.

Ready to help out? Email volunteers@multdems.org and bring a Blue Wave to 2020!