Chair Lurelle Robbins Responds to Vandalism of Warren Campaign Office

In response to the January 12 vandalism of Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s new campaign office in East Portland, Multnomah County Democrats Chair Lurelle Robbins released the following statement.

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County welcomes the addition of the Warren Campaign office to our community and welcomes all candidates to come to Portland, and to Oregon. We have and will continue to appreciate all people who support any of the great Democratic candidates. Every candidate brings a perspective, an opportunity and vision for the future of our country. This breadth of the conversation is good for our democracy.

It is unfortunate that destructive vandalism towards our Democratic candidates continues to be a part of our current era. I will continue to seek space for all people to express their support and opinions without feeling the need to act with hate.

Lurelle Robbins, Chair,
The Democratic Party of Multnomah County