2020 MultDem Platform Convention

The 2020 Multnomah County Democratic Platform Convention is coming this November!

Get involved now to shape the direction of our party

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County 2020 platform convention will be in November, 2019. Right now, Democrats across the county are collaborating to write articles and planks for the platform, stating our vision for the next two years.

As a registered Democrat in Multnomah County, this is your chance to be involved with other Multnomah Democrats in creating a powerful statement based on what you care about. The platform document will guide our legislative vision in 2020, 2021, and beyond.

Get involved now!

The 1st Draft of the 2020 Platform is now available!

Download the draft platform here!

At the August 3rd Pre-Convention meeting, the study groups presented their initial proposals for the 2020 Platform, the first major milestone on our path to the November convention. It was a marathon of a meeting (five hours!) but lots of great feedback was provided and the study groups all celebrated by starting work on their second drafts.

Remember, this is only the first of four drafts and your thoughts, support and involvement are as important as ever. (Keep reading!)

Upcoming Events

1st Draft Review (Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee Meeting)

When: August 26th (7 PM – 9 PM)
Where: Multnomah Democrats Headquarters (3551 NE Sandy Blvd)
At this month’s Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee meeting, study groups will discuss feedback for their first drafts of proposals. Not to be missed!

Platform Convention Planning Team Meeting

When: September 8th (7 PM – 9 PM)
Where: Multnomah Democrats Headquarters (3551 NE Sandy Blvd)

What is the platform?

Our party platform becomes a statement of our values and defines the issues for the party’s work to focus on in the years to come. It helps set our distinctive message and our legislative agenda.

You may have heard about party platforms at the national level. This is no different. The platform matters because our legislators in Multnomah County, Salem and Washington, D.C. look to it as a guide for what matters to their constituents in Multnomah County.

The 2018 Platform is available here.

Why have a convention?

Every two years, the Democratic Party of Multnomah County convenes to discuss and update our platform.

A lot changes in two years—solved problems no longer need attention and new issues can take their place. That’s why it’s important for us to check in and make sure we know what’s really important to us.

Likely new topics for this year’s platform include the Green New Deal, human rights abuses on our southern border, and two new articles: the integrity of the news media and abuse of power.

How to get involved

  • Take the survey
  • Join a study group – small group discussions focused on areas of interest.
  • Attend the platform committee meetings
  • Join the convention planning team
  • Volunteer at the November convention
  • Attend the convention

Take the survey

The easiest way to give us feedback is to take our handy Platform Feedback survey. If you’re interested in multiple topics, you can submit as many entries as you like.

Join a Study Group

The convention may be months away but our study groups are already drafting the items they want to propose for the new platform. These items will all be open for debate and editing at the November convention but the proposals will be the baseline and have a major impact on what the final platform will look like.

Attend the Platform Committee meetings

The Platform Resolution and Legislation Committee (PRLC) coordinates the development of several drafts of the proposed platform leading up to the November convention. The PRLC meetings are where we discuss these drafts in advance of sharing them more widely.

PRLC meets 7-9 pm every fourth Monday at Multnomah Democrats Headquarters, 3551 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland.

Join the convention planning team

All registered Democrats who live in Multnomah County are welcome to join the convention planning team. This group is tasked with working out the details of making the convention happen. Where should it be held? What equipment will we need? How do we get the word out? If you know the answers to these questions (or can at least help figure them out) then please join us in organizing the November event.

The platform planning team meets every 2nd Monday at 3551 NE Sandy. We’d love to see you there!

Interested? Email platform@multdems.org

Volunteer at the convention

Running a convention takes planning and effort and we can never have enough hands on deck. Here are some ways to help with the event itself.

  • Prep/Setting up: Chairs! Tables! Microphones! Banners! There’s a lot to do to make the convention run smoothly.
  • Running the event itself: Help attendees get to those chairs, tables, microphones and banners (and also do the platform convention thing).
  • Clean up: Those chairs, tables, microphones and banners have to go. Who doesn’t love cleaning? You love cleaning.

Attend the convention

That’s really the point, isn’t it?

Questions? Ready to get involved?

Email platform@multdems.org

A working party

The Party Platform is a lot of work but it’s far from the only thing we’re doing. This is only one of our seven standing committees, along with four work groups and 14 state house districts. There’s also that election next year. You know the one.

Please consider making a contribution to support our work on your behalf.

As we prepare for one of the most important elections of our lifetimes, we’ll be working long and hard to include you every step of the way. We have an amazing field of candidates running as Democrats in our Presidential Primary and we want to involve and empower you to support your favorite. And once the dust is settled, we’ll come together and work doubly hard to send our Democratic nominee to the White House!

If you can help support our work on the Platform Convention and our future electoral efforts, please consider donating:

$10.00 per month

We are proud to fight for our shared values. Thank you for your support!