The 2020 MultDem Platform Convention was a success!

It went great!!

After months of preparation, three drafts, scores of comments, and like sixty people agreeing to wake up before 9 AM on a Saturday, the Multnomah County Democrats held their 2020 Platform Convention on November 23rd, 2019.

Through an epic six hour meeting, some of Multnomah County’s most dedicated activists gathered to put the finishing touches on the Platform, a statement of the party’s beliefs and ambitions. This year’s Platform included groundbreaking new articles on topics like Tribal Sovereignty, Media, and Oregon’s historical and on-going anti-Black policies. The Multnomah Democrats have seen a surge in membership and enthusiasm in the last few years and these articles reflect some of the new voices that will define the party in the coming decade.

After approving the Platform, they broke out into breakout sessions (as one does), and hashed out their Legislative Action Items (LAIs)—the specific issues that they intend to tackle in the coming two years. More than a hundred LAIs across 14 subjects were drafted and approved, defining the kinds of legislation and policies we want to see in Multnomah and beyond.

I bet you can’t wait to read it!

…But unfortunately you’re going to have to, just a little bit. It needs some formatting, a couple footnotes and a few grammatical fixes. (Not naming names but someone thinks they know how to use semicolons but very much does not. They’re not just fancier looking colons. They’re completely different.)

Anyway, it’ll be published in a few days. Keep an eye on this space—or the front page if that’s easier, which it probably is—to see it when it drops!

The fight continues

The six hour meeting is, of course, the easy part. With the new Platform in hand, it’s time to start pushing to make our goals and values into reality.

That means talking to our legislators. That means 14 study groups gaining expertise and developing policy. That means hosting forums where experts are invited to discuss the wonky details of today’s issues. That means Getting Out The Vote. (There is that election next year. You know the one.)

There’s always more work to be done. If you can help us and our efforts to turn American blue, please consider making a donation.

We are proud to fight for our shared values. Thank you for your support!