Proposed rule change for bringing resolutions to Central Committee

At the December 2019 meeting, Rules Committee chair Michael Burleson notified the PCPs in attendance at Central Committee of the proposed rule change that we will vote on at the January 9 Central Committee meeting.

New language is bold.

Bylaws Article 9

Section 2- Bringing a Resolution to the Central Committee for a vote

A. A Resolution may be proposed by the Platform, Resolution, Legislation Committee (PRLC) or by 5 PCPs.

B. Proponents of resolutions will include a substantive action plan in support of the resolution.

C. A Resolution proposed by PCPs will be submitted to the PRLC for assistance with formatting and for PRLC to review, make recommendations, and report on resolutions.

D. If the timing of a PRLC meeting does not coincide with the need to present the Resolution to the Central Committee before relevant legislation is considered, then the submission of the PCP Resolution can be made instead to the PRLC Chair, for assistance with formatting.

E. PCP proposers may present their resolutions to the Central Committee regardless of PRLC actions. PCPs must notify the Admin Committee and PRLC 10 days before the CC meeting if they wish to proceed without PRLC approval.

F. All proposed resolutions to be considered by the Central Committee must be posted on the Party website and a notice with a link to them sent to all PCPs via email at least 6 days prior to the meeting.

G. Resolutions submitted with proper notice are adopted by majority vote.

H. Without 6-days notice, a Resolution presented at a Central Committee meeting is adopted by a 4/5 vote.

I. Proposed amendments to the resolution must be presented to the Recording Secretary and the Chair in writing.

New item for Article XI–General Provisions, Section 7: Voting procedures

E. When documents, such as Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments, are presented to Central Committee for a vote, any Motions to Amend must be submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary.