Today you can help Democrats win. Elections are being held in critical states.

Important elections happening NOW you can effect

Attorneys General, Governors, and Statehouses change history. Particularly as we are going into a year involving

  • Census [cough] gerrymander much?
  • Ballot access (we have seen that movie before and don’t want to see it again)
  • Court cases defending our rights against the administration

The fate of elections in other states matter for our causes and our communities. If you have time or energy between now and early November, consider giving yourself that feel-good experience of helping us win offices and determine history.

Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th! Each of the 2019 States can use our support over the finish line. Please see below for information about Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Kentucky Governor and Statewide Offices

has races for Governor and all Constitutional officers, and we have 14 days to go! We are in a dead heat to the finish line. GOTV begins Friday, November 1, and the general election is November 5, 2019.

Louisiana: Governor Runoff, Statewide, Senate, and House

Run off Election Day is November 16 and early vote started November 2.

Mississippi Governor and Statewide Officer Elections

November 5. The MS Dems are fired up for GOTV and would love help calling all this month on this Virtual Phone Bank (VPB):

New Jersey’s State House Elections

November 5. To help with canvassing, phonebanking, texting, or helping with voter protection, please contact Executive Director Kevin Olasanoye at .

Virginia’s State House and State Senate

November 5. Please contact Ivana Hall to help the DPVA with phonebanking, canvassing, texting, and more at .