Final Platform Meetings before the 2020 Convention

My friends, time is running out. The 2020 Platform Convention on November 23rd is a mere month away and things are heating up! There’s still much to be done and we need your help!

Two important meetings are taking place in the next week and it’s the last time these groups will meet before the convention. They’ll be finalizing some of the last steps before the big event and all Democrats are welcome to attend.

On Monday, October 28th at 7pm, the Platform, Resolutions and Legislation Committee will be meeting to discuss the third draft of the platform itself. The draft will be published and open for comment on this fine website in the first days of November but this will be the last time the platform’s many authors will be gathered in a room for discussion until the convention.

On Saturday, November 2nd at 1pm, the Platform Convention Planning Committee will have their last meeting, finalizing the logistics of the event. After this meeting, those plans will be set in stone so this is your last chance to give input on how the convention will be run!

Both of these meetings will take place at the Multnomah Democrats Headquarters at 3551 NE Sandy Blvd [Map].

These aren’t the last two opportunities to get involved, as our study groups will still be meeting throughout the next month and discussing the comments from the third draft. New faces and fresh perspectives are always welcome and they’d love for you to be there. Check the MultDems events calendar to see when they meet.

Finally, if you haven’t registered to attend, now is definitely the time. The convention is open to all registered Democrats who live in Multnomah County, which is overwhelmingly likely to mean you, so do it now. It’s quick and easy and fun!

Register for the convention

(Fun not guaranteed.)