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Comedy Night Tomorrow: Today is your last chance to save $10

Today Friday, October 11, is your last chance to save $10 on your ticket to Comedy, Candidates, and Cocktails. They are only $35 at the door, but by clicking this here button, you can get all your tickets for just $25 each

So what will you do with your ten bucks?

We know you love Oregon and our region, so we put together a little Etsy shopping list for you:

Or you could buy some snacks at the food carts on hand tomorrow night. You could buy Nariko Ott, one of our featured comics, a snack. He seems kinda skinny. Maybe he is not getting enough protein.

Regardless, we will see you there, where we will all enjoy the organic, grass-fed Multnomah County-local Comedy of Nariko, Shain, Becky, and Adam.

Get your tickets now and save $10 from the door cost. Heck, tickets at the door are only $35 and goes to elect Democrats. Its a great way to spend your money.

Of course, if you buy them NOW, you can use that extra $10 and order a print of the Dragon of St. Johns Bridge. And that, along with a night of comedy with your fellow Democrats, just might make your life complete.

See you tomorrow!

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