Multnomah Democrats Saddened by the Loss of Sue Bartlett

We lost a great friend and hard working Democrat. Sue Bartlett died Friday.

Along with activism for environmental causes and justice, Sue was involved in the KBOO community. She was running for KBOO board, a position she had previously held.

“Sue was one of the hardest working and most undersung Democrats. Always there to help, always ready to do the work. She didn’t want or accept any fanfare, was just there to do the job. She was a great Democrat and a great person,” said KC Hanson, Chair of The Democratic Party of Oregon.

“Sue was a beautiful person who believed in the power of us, all of us to make a difference. And Sue made a difference, whether she was organizing in radio, with the Dems or singing in the choir. Sue lifted us up and called us to be better. My world was better for having Sue Bartlett in it,” said Rachelle Dixon, Vice Chair 1 of Multnomah Democrats.

All of our hearts are hurting today.

Sue was killed by an SUV while riding her scooter.Today, Wednesday September 4, we will be joining St John’s Scooter Group at 40th and NE Tillamook, the site of the collision, to remember Sue. You are invited to bring flowers and say a few words. Another memorial is being planned.