Cover of the RIWG Racial Equity Lens

Racial Equity Lens: A tool for document review

Photo credit: Miguel G Moseler

As part of their ongoing efforts to increase and sustain the Democratic Party of Multnomah County’s racial diversity, the Multnomah Democrats Racial Inclusivity Workgroup (RIWG) has developed the Racial Equity Lens, a tool to help review documents for racial inclusivity within the party. The party moves towards the platform convention in November; that platform document is an obvious opportunity to apply the Racial Equity Lens. The Lens can be focused on any document created for internal or external audiences of Multnomah Democrats.

Ultimately, the goal is for MultDems’ documents to reflect their value of racial inclusivity.

Racial Equity Lens Introduction

Working in Consultation

It is important to note that the Racial Equity Lens cannot be a standalone document. It needs to be accompanied by consultation with the RIWG. People within MultDems seeking to apply the Racial Equity Lens should reach out to co-chairs GM García and Salomé Chimuku by emailing .

After first introducing key terms and concepts, The Lens presents questions that guide the application of a racial equity perspective on documents we create as a party. The first part asks about the people writing and reviewing the document. The second section guides an analysis of the text, including word choice, content, and power dynamics.

The Policy and Platform subcommittee of RIWG that developed the Racial Equity Lens includes Ruth Jensen, Sally Joughin, Bryan Lewis, and Beth Woodward, with Co-chairs Salomé Chimuku and GM García as key collaborators.

MultDems Racial Inclusivity Workgroup Mission

Increase and sustain racial diversity in ways that welcome, include, promote, and support people of color throughout MultDems. In addition to diversifying MultDems, expected outcomes include that MultDems – as an organization – will develop common knowledge, skill, and will to operate in ways that are racially inclusive and continuously reflective of equitable policies and practices.