New Treasurer Dean Price: “My father would say ‘help where you can.’ This is where I can.”

Dean Price was elected as Treasurer for the Multnomah County Democrats at the August 8, 2019 Central Committee meeting. He brings a strong sense of duty, leadership experience, and a distinct diligence to the role.

Raised in rural Virginia, Dean moved to Portland in 2015 after serving four years in the Marine Corps. After working for ADP and running his own bookkeeping firm, he now works for the City of Portland.

Dean says that he chooses to take up the responsibility of Treasurer because, as he said, “I believe this is where I can I help. I believe I can bring the skills I have learned in the civilian sector and use them to help us accomplish our goals as a party. When I think about taking on the responsibility of Treasurer, I think about my father. He would say ‘help where you can.’ This is where I can.”

As Treasurer, Dean’s priorities are bringing stability and transparency to the position.

Dean enjoys sports, movies, history, and politics. On Saturdays during the season, you will find him in a sports bar watching college football — particularly when the Virginia Tech Hokies are playing. “However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Oregon Ducks. I love the their fast pace offense,” Dean confessed.

Dean centers the big role of Treasurer around bringing the party together. “What I would love to see from our Democrat party is a party unity. We may disagree on how to achieve our goals but we can agree on those goals. We want every American to have healthcare, we want to face climate change head on can defeat it, we want equality and equity for all! Let not forget why we fight and who the real opponents are to our goals,” he said.