Multnomah Democrats Pass Resolution Calling for Peter Courtney to Step Down as Senate President

At the Central Committee Meeting on April 11, 2019, the Multnomah County Democrats passed Resolution 2019-13, Regarding Leadership and Ineffective Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints in the Oregon Legislature.

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Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee 

Resolution: 2019-13  

Regarding Leadership and Ineffective Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints in the Oregon Legislature 

WHEREAS, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) is the agency tasked with protecting employment rights and public accommodation against discrimination, and the Labor Commissioner is the elected official who manages BOLI.(1) 

WHEREAS, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian filed a complaint with BOLI on August 1, 2018 against the Oregon Legislative Assembly and Legislative Administration Committee as employers for allowing sexual harassment in the state legislature which has created a hostile work environment; (2) 

WHEREAS, Senators Sara Gelser and Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward reported unwelcome sexual conduct and inappropriate touching by Senator Jeff Kruse as early as March 2016; (3) 

WHEREAS, Kruse resigned in March 2018 when an outside investigation concluded at least 15 women, including student interns, were sexually harassed by Senator Kruse; (4) 

WHEREAS, Avakian produced a 52-page investigative report that includes “substantial evidence” of numerous instances of Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) failing to address sexual harassment in the Capitol; (5)(6) 

WHEREAS, In 2001, two women at Western Oregon University said Courtney, then the assistant president at WOU, failed to act when they complained. The university paid both women settlements and their lawyer identified many more victims; (7) 

WHEREAS: Courtney’s office manager, a woman, acknowledged dating a male member of the House of Representatives, she was offered the choice of resigning, being demoted or being fired; She was given that ultimatum even though dating a House member was allowed under legislative rules.(8) 

WHEREAS: When a female legislative staffer of Courtney’s office complained of unwanted attention from a male legislative staffer of Courtney’s office in May 2015, the male staffer kept his job; illustrating a clear discrepancy between treatment of male and female staffers. (8) 

WHEREAS: Courtney and others have systematically brushed sexual harassment complaints under the rug; (9) 

WHEREAS: Courtney has also sent a clear message to women in the Capitol: If you speak up for yourself and other women in the building, as Sen. Sara Gelser has, you will be ostracized and shamed; (9) 

WHEREAS, the national #MeToo movement has brought attention to the pervasive issue of sexual assault and the struggle for survivors to be heard and believed; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: We support people reporting harassment and abuse, protection of their privacy while doing so, and thorough investigations of all reports.  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: We condemn any efforts to silence people reporting sexual harassment, bullying or intimidation, or to inhibit or obscure their ability and understanding of available legal remedies. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: We call upon President Courtney to step down as President and allow the Senate Pro Tempore to lead the Senate.  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: We call for an outside audit of current process used in the state legislature regarding sexual harassment and abuse, and the implementation of their recommendations. 

ADOPTED by the Democratic Party of Multnomah County on 11th day of April, 2019. 

Resolution submitted by: 

Ami Fox
John Adams
Michael Cojocaru
Sam Kahl
Ira Erbs
Dan Goetz
Lisa Wolf
Lisa Ortiz
James Davis
Leah Gibbs
Leigha LaFleur

Debby Schwartz
Pablo Martos
John Knight
Chris Lowe
Michelle Risher
Carissa Martos
Melisa Crosby
Julie DeGraw
Ethan Scarl
Julio Castilleja


To ask President Courtney to step down from position of Senate President and allow the Senate Pro Tempore to take his place.  Multnomah County democrats believes that there was willful disregard to repeated cases swept under the rug by current leadership. Multnomah County Democrats believes that men and women are equal and we stand with and believe women. 

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This Resolution will be sent to each of the officials named below, 

State Senators 

Senator Mark Hass  503-986-1714 

Senator Betsy Johnson  (503) 543-4046 

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward  (503) 986-1717 

Senator Ginny Burdick  (503) 986-1700 

Senator Rob Wagner  503-986-1719 

Senator Kathleen Taylor   503-986-1721 

Senator Lew Frederick   503-986-1722 

Senator Michael Dembrow   503-986-1723 

Senator Shemia Fagan   503-986-1724 

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson   503-986-1725 

Senator Chuck Thomsen  (541) 490-4641 


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