Help Make the Clean Energy Jobs Bill Better!

An urgent message from Catherine Thomasson, Multnomah Democrats Climate Action Team member

Our lobbying efforts made HB 2020-Clean Energy Jobs Bill better. Exemptions were removed for Covanta and silicon chip manufacturers. There is now more oversight on investments but we need a stronger bill!

Photo by Sam Jotham Sutharson on Unsplash

The bill creates a cap on carbon emissions that decreases over time. It does so by giving or requiring high emitters to buy allowances (or permits) to emit each ton of carbon up to the level of the cap for their industry. However, there are too many allowances given out for free.
The methane fossil fuel utilities are being given 30% of their allowances for free until 2030 and there is talk of giving them more. Additional free allowances must not be allowed.

The income from the allowances pays for programs to develop a low carbon economy such as: renewable energy job training, low income housing energy efficiency improvements and investment in agriculture practices to reduce fertilizer use (another greenhouse gas source).

To further improve the bill, we call for limits on the banking of allowances. By banking allowances to use in the future, companies could game the system and the cap would not be effective. Call for a three-year expiration of banked allowances, limits to the banking of free allowances and limits the number of banked allowances that may be used in each biennium.

Call your legislators today to say: No more free allowances for methane fossil fuel providers and reform the banking of allowances.

Take Action by Friday!

The work session is Friday April 5 at 1pm. Don’t tarry. This is your chance.

  • Call your own state Representative and state Senator and tell them what matters to you on HB2020: We ask for limits on banking allowances and no more allowances for methane fossil fuel providers
  • Call the chairs of the Carbon Reduction Joint Committee Senator Michael Dembrow (503-986-1723) and Representative Karin Power (503-986-1441)
  • Speak out and share on social media!