MultDems Call to Action: Health Care for ALL SB 770 in Oregon and HR 1384 Federal


4 years ago the idea of single payer was a remote possibility. Today we are gaining momentum at both the state and federal level. Let’s make this dream a reality.

Take action:

Contact your elected officials!

State: Contact your state legislatures and ask them to support SB 770

Come to Lobby Day Monday, April 1, 2019, 9:00-4:00

These legislators are signed on as sponsors. Please thank them; if your senator and representative has not signed on yet, please contact them now.  

Senate Bill 770 Chief Sponsors: Senator Manning Jr, Dembrow, Beyer, Representative Fahey, Keny-Guyer, Salinas, Williamson    

Sponsors: Senator Burdick, Fagan, Frederick, Golden, Prozanski, Riley, Taylor, Wagner, Representative Alonso Leon, Bynum, Doherty, Gomberg, Gorsek, Helm, Hernandez, Holvey, Marsh, McLain, Meek, Mitchell, Neron, Nosse, Piluso, Power, Prusak, Rayfield, Reardon, Sanchez, Schouten, Smith Warner, Wilde, Witt

Federal: Contact your federal representatives and senator ask to support the Medicare for All HR 1384, background and call scripts.



A common misconception is that, while expensive, US health care is the best in the world. That’s simply not true:

  • US ranks 23rd in longevity
    • Folks in Spain and Italy live 4.5 years longer than people in the US, Israel 3.5 years longer.
  • Infant mortality
    • US ranks 30th in neonatal and infant mortality out of the 35 OECD countries
    • US newborns are 4 times more likely to die in their first month as newborns from Iceland or Japan, and twice as likely to die as those from Slovenia, Estonia and Czech Republic.
  • Maternal mortality
    • US ranks 30th in maternal mortality
    • US mothers are over 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy and delivery as mothers in Poland, Greece and Czech Republic.
  • Non-communicable diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc)
    • US ranks 28th in premature mortality
    • Americans aged 15 to 60 are twice as likely to die from non-communicable diseases as are citizens of Spain.


Check out these Movies and Videos to learn why single payer is the solution.

  • Better care, for more people, for less money
  • Freedom from worry about your family’s care
  • Freedom from the complexities of health insurance


And to get these inferior outcomes, the US spends 5 times as much per person as Estonia, 4 times Greece and Czech Republic, and twice as much as Iceland and Japan.


A community thrives on public spaces. While Portlanders clearly enjoy their outdoor spaces for recreation, the indoor spaces are equally important, particularly for families and seniors. Community centers like Woodstock, Sellwood, Hillside, Fulton, and even the Laurelhurst Dance Studio fully represent the mission of Portland Parks and Recreation to “help Portlanders play – providing the safe places, facilities, and programs which promote physical, mental, and social activity,” and they should be maintained as such.

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