MultDems Call to Action: Fully Fund Public Schools


We need revenue to fund our state and fund our schools. The 2018 Quality Education Model, released in August of 2018, estimates that Oregon would need to spend $10.7 billion for 2019-21 for a K-12 system that meets Oregon’s education goals, $2.5 billion more than the 2017-19 State School Fund. Not only does it fail to fully fund education, it would actually mean laying off 900 teachers or cutting four days from the already short school year.

Take action!

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Preamble to Article II of the MultDems Platform: Education

We believe all Multnomah County schools should provide equitable, stable and sustainable public funding that will provide all students with a high-quality education and curriculum from pre-kindergarten through high school and career training.  We acknowledge that quality public education for all students not only enriches personal lives, but strengthens our economy and is critical to a well-functioning democracy.