2018 Platform of the Party

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We, the members of the Multnomah County Democratic Party, stand for equality, justice and opportunity for all. We believe in the strength of diversity and that it is important to treat each other with dignity and respect. We believe in a community of inclusiveness that demonstrates tolerance.

We believe that the future of our society depends on amplifying actions to protect our environment. We are committed to truth, transparency and accountability.

We believe in the right of all persons to live in peace, free from oppression in all its forms. We recognize that not all people enjoy the benefits of these rights equally and that empowerment, fortified by hope and reinforced by ethical leadership, can lead to change.

The Articles focused on in this Platform were selected because we believe action in the areas of Basic Needs and Human Rights, Education, Economy, Social Security/Health, Environment/Energy/Transportation, Election Integrity, Equality, Justice, Immigration, and Labor and Workers’ Rights will help to forge a more equitable future for all.

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Multnomah County Democratic Party Platform adopted 110417

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