2017 Platform Convention November 4th, 2017

Platform Convention
November 4, 2017
Davis Douglas High School
South Building
1500 SE 130th
Portland, OR
9AM to 4PM

The purpose of the convention is to gather together as Democrats to discuss who we are, what we view as important in the everyday lives of people and identify legislative actions we think will make all of our lives better and our community more peaceful.

First Plenary

After introductory remarks the Platform Resolution and Legislative Committee will present the draft 2018 Multnomah County Democratic Platform prepared by them to the Platform Convention for approval.

Upon approval the convention will group according to Article Subject to discuss the
Legislative Action Items and identify those that should be included in the Legislative Agenda for the 2018 Election Legislative Cycle.

The convention will break for lunch and more discussion.

Second Plenary

The Convention reconvenes and presentations from each Article Group are made with recommendation for adoption by the whole Convention, after all of the Articles have been adopted the Convention is called upon as a whole to adopt the Legislative Action Items.

Adjournment and Celebration After Party

Open to all Democrats registered in Multnomah County. Registration for the Convention is required. Registration is due by October 28th.

Those wishing to attend must register by filling out this Platform Convention Registration Form.

The second draft of the 2018 Platform is being reviewed and can be found at 2018 Platform Second Draft.

About Multco Dems

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