Officer Candidate Form

All Officer positions are up for election at the January 28 Reorganizational meeting.   The positions are:


Vice Chair 1

Vice Chair 2

Communications Officer


Technology Officer

Recording  Secretary  


File for one of these positions here: Officer Candidate Form

ELIGIBILITY:  To run for a Multnomah County Party Officer position, you must be a Democrat residing in Multnomah County.

DEADLINE:   Your must submit your nomination form no later than 11:59 PM Saturday January  21.   No nominations for OFFICERS are accepted after the deadline nor at the ReOrganizational Meeting.


MORE INFORMATION:  These Officer positions comprise the Administration Committee of the Multnomah Democratic Party.   For a detailed description of Officer duties, please see Multnomah County ByLaws, pages 5- 8 (Article III, Section 5)      

Your filing will include 3 essay questions which will comprise your Candidate Statement. Candidate Statements will be published on the Multnomah County Democratic Party website after the filing deadline.